ISV Partner Programs and Levels

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    “Are you sad because you’re on your own?

    No, I get by with a little help from my friends.”

        -the Beatles


    Visma Solutions Community

    Visma Solutions Community is our new collaborative and social service for linking as well as our customers and partners but also our own employees together. Target is to provide a modern channel for collaboration, information and knowledge sharing and learning.


    Our Partner Community has three levels:

    • Public Partner Community for all partners - both for Accounting Offices (AO's)  and Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) - and customers and Visma Solutions.
    • Closed ISV Community for approved ISV partners. Registration will be accepted on request basis. All members will also have access to product groups in the Community, which are used for end user support etc.
    • Secret area for co-operation between one specific partner and Visma Solutions.


    ISV Programs in General

    Main driver for us in this collaboration is to provide value-added features, which seamlessly integrate with our product core, to our customers. We promise we'll respect the autonomy of the partners, that means we'll not have command-and-control or authority mechanisms on partners business and we'll not interfere on your business and revenue model etc. But we want to provide partners access to our rapidly growing customer base as well share our experiences on doing business in the cloud and mobile enviroments. 


    • Currently our focus is on Netvisor, Severa and Maventa -products.
    • These programs do not cover value-added resellers, referral, content, consulting, BPO's or other partnerships without software focus.
    • These programs do not cover technology partnerships needed in product development. 
    • All existing partners ie those, who have implemented something using our API, will be invited into Partner-level.
    • Chosen model is Open Business Ecosystem
    • Partners have freedom to choose their business, revenue and licensing model
    • Partner don't need to purchase our products for development and testing purposes, but for operational use purchase is needed
    • IP rights remain as property of the partner.
    • Our main motivations are to provide quickly value-added features, integrations and mobile apps to our customers, get higher satisfaction (measured as NPS) and keep our development focus on the core functionality of our products.


    Open Programs

    • Currently our focus is on Development Partners for value-added business tools and Integration partners for integration services.
    • As offering to our customers we are mainly interested in cloud/SaaS and mobile apps and productized integrations between our products and 3rd party products.



    ProgramFor Whom?Partner's offering should be
    Development Patners
    • Vertical (like accounting, logistics etc.) software product vendors
    • Horizontal and generic (like document management, resourcing etc.) software product vendors
    • Value-added cloud-based business bools and mobile apps to complement our solutions.
    • Off-the-shelf connectors/integrations between our solutions and external software packages.
    • Needed customer support and service continuity.
    Integration Partners
    • System integrators
    • Customer specific integrations or complementing features created as software development services.
    • Data manipulation, import and export tasks using different tools.
    • Needed customer support and service continuity.


    Levels of the Partnership

    • Currently only "Partner level" is available, but "Certified Partner level" will be launched later this year.



    LevelsBenefitsHow to reach
    • Visibility and access to Visma Solution's Community (technical specifications, programming guides/examples, discussion and blogs about products, problem solving)
    • Participation (1 entry) into yearly Customer Day.
    • Visibility on the Market place (as reference in product/service listing).
    • Production sandbox (one instance).
    • Education packages about products.
    • Technical support/3rd line support
    • Participation into webinars etc. online trainings about our products and their usage in business
    • Motivation packages about how to make business with Visma.
    • Information about changes of the API's and product features.
    • Register into Visma Solution's Community
    • Request access to Patner Programs by entering your company's and people's contact info.
    • Select programs (Integration Partner, Development Partner) you are interested in.
    • Select products (Severa, Netvisor, Maventa) you are interested in.
    • Approve the development/integration partner agreement.


    Certified Partner (will be published soon)

    Partner Benefits+

    • Better visibility on the Market place (feature list for product/services)
    • Leads and matchmaking
    • Slides to our sales slide decks
    • Unlimited participation into yearly Customer Day to meet the customers and Partner Day to meet product and business development to get information about product roadmaps, ...
    • Pre-production (development/testing) and production sandbox
    • Joint business planning including estimation of business cases with figures, business model canvas preparation

    Will be defined soon